the dark marks on glen’s face are more like beauty marks. extra beautiful to make up for his ghost eyebrows

this character is from Arboreta (which is resuming next sunday)!

browsing the food tag a bit before bed

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OK i wanted to do one with a better composition…. moon mom mahariel lookin out for lil mahariel in ostagar…

she walked into the moonlight

i didn’t press ashalle about mahariel’s parents last time & i’m glad i did this time

(via rockleaf)

My computer’s back! I spent all of yesterday reinstalling everything, I’m never disconnecting my external harddrive ever again x_x

We won’t see Zamra again for a while, but we’ll see Robin’s mother a little sooner.

robin + summer pj’s!
sorry for lack of an arb update today! I’ve been without my laptop for the past week.


Arboreta will be updating with 3 pages this sunday. the pages are queued since I’ll be away, so I’m not sure there’ll be an update the sunday after! here’s a preview in the meantime.



Voucher, Page 3

Read Arboreta from the beginning

Today’s Arb update! The update schedule’s changed just a little bit; instead of posting a page on wednesday I’m going to try batch updating on sunday.

new brushes, same old cloud drawings



Voucher, page 1

Read Arboreta From the Beginning